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UPS(무정전 동력공급장치)
Miniature Pumps
Precision Syringe Pump Micro Pumps (air/gas) Mini Pumps (air/gas)
Mini Pumps (liquids) High Capacity Pumps (air/gas)  

Micro Diaphragm Pumps (air/gas)
High efficiency to size ratio pumps - up to 2.5 LPM

Typical Applications
  • Gas Sampling
  • Fixed Gas Detectors
  • Medical Instruments
  • Aerosols and Particle Analysis
  • Combustion Analyzers
  • T2-03 micro diaphragm pump series is ideal for higher performance,
    fixed and portable air and gas detection, and medical applications
    requiring flow up to 2.5 lpm. T2-03 pumps are proven in fixed and
    portable applications for sampling of hazardous gases and vapors
    typical of industrial and mining operations.
  • The valve design has been optimized to provide the highest flow rates
        available with the lowest power draw in this package size. Lower
        power results in longer battery life and smaller instrument size.
  • The wear components of these pumps have been designed to
        provide maximum life. Many applications for these pumps require
        10,000+ hours of operation.
  • The pumps fit into the extremely tight spaces demanded of today’s
        handheld instruments, such as portable gas detectors and portable
        instruments such as handheld gas detectors and medical devices.
        The lightweight design minimizes instrument weight.
  • RoHS compliant.

  • Product Specifications
    Physical Properties
    Operating Environment1:
    32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
    Storage Environment:
    14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
    5-95% Relative Humidity
    Noise Level2::
    As low as 45dB
    Pump Assembly Rated Life3:
    eCompact - 5,000 hrs
    Compact - 10,000 hrs
    HP - 10,000 hrs
    Pressure and speed dependent.
    1.2 oz. (33 g) eCompact
    1.2 oz. (33 g) Compact
    1.5 oz. (42 g) HP

    Wetted Materials
    Neoprene, EPDM, FKM
    Silicone, FKM
    Pump Head:
    ABS, PPS
    Motor Type:
    PMDC Iron Core Brush,
    Coreless Brush
    Nominal Motor Voltages (DC)4:
    4, 5.6, 8.3, 12.4 VDC
    Max Power at Nominal Voltage:
    eCompact - PMDC Iron Core Brush
    2.4 Watts ( 298 mA @ 8VDC)
    Compact - Coreless Brush Motor
    2.3 Watts (386 mA @ 6 VDC)
    HP - Coreless Brush Motor
    0.7 Watts (88 mA @ 8 VDC)
    Electrical Termination:
    PMDC Iron Core Brush
    - Solder Tabs
    Coreless Brush
    - 5.7 in (145 mm)
    Wire Leads
    Current Range5:
    18 - 411 mA
    18.64 mH max@1kHz/50mV
    0.47 mH max@1kHz/50mV
    3.4 mH max@1kHz/50mV
    Head Configuration: Single
    Maximum Flow:
    2.5 LPM
    Maximum Intermittent Pressure7:
    12 psi (832 mbar)
    Maximum Continuous Pressure:
    2 psi (138 bar) - eCompact PMDC Iron Core
    Brush, Compact Coreless Brush Motor
    8 psi (555 mbar) - HP Coreless Brush Motor
    Maximum Intermittent Vacuum7:
    20.8 in Hg (527 mm Hg)
    Maximum Continuous Vacuum:
    eCompact PMDC Iron Core Brush
    4 psi (102 mbar)
    Compact Coreless Brush Motor
    4 psi (102 mbar)
    HP Coreless Brush Motor
    12 psi (305 mbar)
    40 micron recommended
    Efficiency at Free Flow8:
    eCompact PMDC Iron Core Brush Motor: 3.56 LPM/Watt (P/N: T3EP-1ST-05-3FFP)
    Compact Coreless Brush Motor: 11.92
    LPM/Watt (P/N: T3CP-1HE-04-2SEB)
    HP Coreless Brush Motor: 15.28 LPM/Watt (P/N: T3HP-1PD-12-1SNP)

    Performance Specifications

    The above graphs represent examples of performance for the pumps series handling air at 800 feet (244M) above sea level at 75° F (24° C). Performance will vary depending on barometric pressure and media temperature. Curves are representative of standard pump configurations. Pump configurations could be customized for higher or lower flows, depending on specific customer requirements.
    Please contact Parker Precision Fluidics Applications Engineering for other considerations.

    Sizing and Selection

    Mechanical Integration

    Electrical Integration and Motor Control
    If application requires variable flow, motor control options are available, as follows:

    Typical Flow Diagram

    Ordering Information