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automated HD cell culture management and optimization tool end to accumulated error during
High Density Cell Culture

Only SciLog’s MabTec™ system can gravimetrically manage,
automate and document
any one or ALL three processes: Perfusion, Feeding, Recirculation.

How the SciLog MabTec™ Works for You
  • Enhances mAb production utilizing your current cell culture systems
  • Optimize your current bioreactor, no matter the manufacturer or type of container,
        including bag, glass or stainless-steal
  • Gravimetrically delivers a balanced nutrient fortification to your cell culture strains
  • Accommodates any length perfusion process: hours, days, weeks
  • Manages, automates, documents all processes
  • Open Architecture™ enables you to leverage best in class enhancements in a
        multi-vendor environment
  • Single-Use Certified Reliable Manifolds™ deliver the speed, flexibility and
        reliability you need
  • The first step to “Downstream” processing of your precious product
        - see SciLog’s other industry accepted systems

  • MabTec™: Automated HD Cell Culture Process Management, Optimization and Documentation
    Cell cultivation is one of the most critical processes in biopharmaceutical research today. High-density cell cultures can create dynamic environments which challenge your ability to maximize the optimal growth environment and cell viability. The demand for more a intelligent means of producing high yield cell cultures with automated technology has grown exponentially.

    Protect your entire cell culture processes with MabTec - SciLog’s fully-automated high density cell culture system. MabTec modules may be purchased to enhance your current instrumentation or used as a complete optimized system. Each of the MabTec modules is engineered to fit seamlessly with any bioreactor and enhance its performance.

    This new advancement in intelligent high density cell culture automation:
    - Maintains a steady state bioreactor weight/volume within +/- 0.5%
    - Gravimetrically delivers balanced nutrient fortification to your cells
    - Reduces aggregation of cells in the perfusion filter
    - Provides alarm systems that monitor critical parameters in real time
    - Displays real time data with easy-to-use graphical user interfaces

    MabTec modules are designed to monitor and automate perfusion, feeding, and recirculation processes. Combine the three units and the result is the complete MabTec system. The MabTec system is a complete method to deliver the highest level of consistent performance from your bioreactor.

    Depending on your needs, MabTec modules can be purchased separately and integrated with your current process as your budget and process optimization demand.

    - Guaranteed homogeneous, low-shear circulation of cell
    - Time-programmable flow reversal reduces aggregation
       of cells in the perfusion filtration device
    - Eliminates pockets of inconsistent media in the
       bioreactor to assure culture homogeneity
    - Highly accurate mass flow feed rate into bioreactor
       based on data output from perfusion and media scales
    - Interactively maintains long-term balance between
       removed media and new feed solution
    - Real-time display of key information such as rate and
       weight data for feed solution and perfused media
    - Accurate mass flow perfusion control
    - Time-programmable sequencing of perfusion rate and
       perfused media collection
    - Ramp up, ramp down, or exponential change depending
       on your cells’ growth cycle
    - Interactively maintains long-term balance between
       removed media and new feed solution
    - Combines all three MabTec modules to intelligently optimize the cell
       culture process and automate your best practices
    - Can easily retrofit to any bioreactor
    - Ideal for any size project, from lab-scale testing to production-scale