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Freeze/Thaw chamber _ 6220 & 6240 series
at a glance standard features

Caron’s Freeze/Thaw Chambers precisely control a wide range of temperature and (optional) humidity settings. This broad range encompasses nearly every ambient environment on earth. Automatic, versatile and programmable cycling between setpoints enables continuous simulation of the harsh conditions of freezing and thawing for rapid testing. These demanding temperature and humidity cycling studies require accurate control of thermal conditions, and are best served by our chambers.
Our chambers will accomodate a wide range of freeze/thaw studies, including pharmaceutical drug studies, concrete and asphalt testing, coating and adhesive testing, outdoor weathering tests, stress testing and more! Our product offering includes two sizes of large capacity, reach-in units. Our products are not only consistently reliable, but offer best in class customer friendly features and unique energy efficient components.
The wide temperature range of -25°C to 70°C and optional humidity range from 20% to 98% offers the flexibility to simulate a broad range of environmental conditions.
Deluxe controller includes ramp and soak to cycle freezing and thawing for repeatable, accurate studies. Our controller can perform 4 programs, 40 individual steps, an infinite number of loops and a ramp based on any time or rate.
Caron offers an optional factory calibration of the controller and will program it to your specific profile, which makes installation and start up easy.
gROD™, Refrigeration on Demand, efficiently manages power consumption and saves electricity.
Caron’s humidified Freeze/Thaw Chambers, Models 6220 and 6240, feature gVapor™, which delivers controlled humidity vapor on an as needed basis without wasting energy or producing heat.
The deluxe controller comes standard with analog outputs and RS-485 communications and connects the unit directly to an in-house monitoring system.
The glass doors are heated, triple-pane and argon filled, which minimizes condensation for a clear view of your samples inside.
Caron’s carefully designed horizontal airflow system generates gentle and evenly distributed airflow across all shelf locations. Temperature uniformity and rapid recovery are always maintained, even under heavy loads.
These chambers are designed with high R, CFC-free foam insulation, making them energy efficient.
In the event of a power failure, non-volatile memory allows the chamber to return to its original setpoint when power is restored.
Setpoint deviation alarm visually and audibly alerts you of a problem with the convenient option to silence the audible alarm.
Dual display of temperature and humidity allows you to visualize instantaneous setpoint and operating conditions. Setpoints are easily adjusted by simply pressing the up or down arrow keys.
The stainless steel shelves are adjustable and perforated, making them easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion. These shelves also slide, so whether testing samples or heavy equipment, it is easy to locate all product inside.
The interior is comprised of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and is quickly removed without tools, allowing you to reconfigure the interior.
Our ergonomic, limolicious door handle is an attractive, modern design, and allows you to easily access the inside of your chamber.
Two access ports make validation easy and provide you with convenient access to connect wires and instrumentation.
A wide range of accessories are available, allowing you to modify the chamber to your specific application requirements.

our exclusive innovations

Caron developed earth friendly technologies into the design of our chambers.
Our green innovations work together to contribute to energy efficiency and cost savings with cutting-edge unique technologies.
gROD™ is Caron’s Refrigeration on Demand controlled refrigeration, and it efficiently manages power consumption and saves electricity.
Unlike competitive units that run refrigeration constantly to maintain required setpoints, gROD™ only operates the refrigeration system when it is needed to maintain the temperature setpoint.
gVapor (humidified chambers only, Models 6220 and 6240)
gVapor™ injects humidity only as needed, without utilizing steam to create humidity, using much less energy than other technologies.
Unlike competitive units that incorporate energy inefficient steam generators to control and create humidity, gVapor™ atomizes water into humidity vapor in small, controlled amounts.
gVapor™ quickly recovers humidity after door openings.
Other earth friendly, cost saving design features
The chambers are insulated with energy efficient high R, CFC-free foam, contributing to high thermal retention, and tightly controlling the conditions inside the chamber. Heat loss is significantly eliminated, which places less demand on your laboratory’s air conditioning unit.
All units have a heated, triple pane, argon filled glass door, which meets the new Department of Energy standard for refrigerated equipment. The energy efficient door heater also minimizes condensation on the door for a clear view of your product and aids in temperature recovery.
Optional Condensate Recirculating System
Caron’s optional earth friendly water recycling/purification system (Model CRSY102) is available to provide a pure water source to your humidified chamber.
The CRSY102 will convert tap water into purified water, eliminating the need to purchase more expensive water purification systems or maintain a supply of distilled or deionized water.
It connects directly to the chamber and recycles the used water, continuously conditioning it, eliminating the need for a floor drain.
One CRSY102 will supply purified water to two chambers.

Model Number 6220-2 6220-3 6221-2 6221-3 6240-2 6240-3 6241-2 6241-3
Temperature Range -25°C to 70°C
Temperature Control ±0.1°C
Temperature Uniformity at 20°C ±0.3°C
Temperature Sensor 3-wire RTD
Humidity Range 20 to 98% RH N/A 20 to 98% RH N/A
Humidity Control ±3% RH N/A ±3% RH N/A
Humidity Sensor Capacitive N/A Capacitive N/A
Interior Dimensions 32” W×27” D×52.7” H
(81.3 cm×68.6 cm×33.9 cm)
32” W×27” D×65.7” H
(81.3 cm×68.6 cm×166.9 cm)
Interior Construction Type 304, 2B Finish, Solid Stainless Steel
Exterior Dimensions 35.5” W×33.3” D*×77.1” H
(90.2 cm×84.6 cm×195.8 cm)
35.5” W×33.3” D*×90.1” H
(90.2 cm×84.6 cm×228.9 cm)
Exterior Construction Cold Rolled Steel, Powder Coated
Work Space 25 cu. ft. (708 Liters) 33 cu. ft. (934 Liters)
# of Shelves 4 Standard; 25 Maximum 5 Standard; 31 Maximum
Shelf Construction Type 304, Perforated Stainless Steel, Electropolished
Shelf Dimensions 29.25” W×24.45” D (74.3 cm×62.1 cm)
Electrical 208/230V
60 Hz
50 Hz
60 Hz
50 Hz
60 Hz
50 Hz
60 Hz
50 Hz
Shipping Weight lbs. 775 875** 775 875** 800 1,100 ** 800 1,100 **
Shipping Weight kg. 352 397** 352 397** 363 499** 363 499**
NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Specifications are based on 20°C ambient and standard voltage. Humidity non-condensing. *Add 2.75” for handle. **Includes export shipping crate.

Description 6220 6221 6240 6241
Remote alarm contacts. Provides NO and NC dry contacts for alarms. ALRM301
Condensate Recirculating System. CRSY102 N/A CRSY102 N/A
Solid insulated door. DOOR302 DOOR306
Heatless dryer package, purge air system.
Allows for operation of the chamber at lower humidity levels (2% RH).
LED lighting system with timer for day/night simulations. LGHT302
Single interior GFI duplex outlet fused at 2A.
Humidity levels cannot exceed 90% RH.
Phenolic coated coils. PCEC306 PCEC305 PCEC306 PCEC306
Built-in recorder; thermal printer, 10”, 7 day, 24 hour. RCDR304 RCDR303 RCDR304 RCDR303
Side-mounted recorder; thermal printer, 12”, 7 day, 24 hour. RCDR315 RCDR314 RCDR315 RCDR314
Stainless steel shaker support system capable of
supporting 150 pound shakers.
SHKR301-2 (2 tier) SHKR303-2 (3 tier)
Heavy duty perforated shelf kit to replace standard shelving. SHLF313 SHLF318