Parker Air Filter
Parker Pharmacetical Filter
Tygon® Tubing
Pharmed® Tubing
Bio & Pharmacetical Tubing
Medical Tubing
Norprene® Tubing
Fluran® Tubing(viton Tubing)
Tygon® Silicone Tubing
Teflon Tubing
Flanged Tubing
PEEK™ & PEEKsil™ Tubing
Stainless Steel Tubing
Capillary Tubing
Mitos-R Hose
Mitos-W Hose
Mitos-WCO Hose
Miniature Pumps
Inchpore® Syringe filter
Inchpore2® Syringe filter
Inchpore® Membrane Filter
Auto Sampler Vial Cap & Septa
Headspace용 Septa
New objective
안정성 시험챔버
광안정성 시험챔버
사이클 시험챔버
UPS(무정전 동력공급장치)
LC-MS 소모품

Product Types
  Use connectors to make special tubing connections. Choose from adapters and unions:
  ο Adapters: 'adapt' between two different types of thread/port configurations
ο Unions: have the same thread/port configuration on both sides

  ο High- and Low-Pressure Inline Filters
ο Inlet Solvent Filters
ο Frit-In-A-Ferrule Inline Filters

  Standard laboratory fittings to attach, adapt, or adjust piping. Choose from:
  ο Flanged and flangeless
ο Metallic and non-metallic
ο High pressure and low pressure
ο Flat bottomed and coned (tapered)
ο Internal and external threads
ο Wrench-tightened and finger-tightened
  Also available in this section are plugs and caps, fitting and tubing kits, an

  ο PEEK, stainless steel, and titanium frits
ο Variety of sizes of both the frit disc and the complete assembly
ο Numerous porosities

  ο Fluid connections for chip-based applications and analyses