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Parker Pharmacetical Filter
TETPOR LIQUID Filter Cartridges
  • liquid filters
  • PTFE

  • TETPOR LIQUID filters are particularly suitable for sterilization
    and particulate removal from aggressive chemicals (including
    acids, bases and solvents) within a wide range of critical
    processing industries.

    The superior performance, strength and durability of TETPOR
    LIQUID filters stems from the use of a single layer, high security
    PTFE membrane, which has a high dirt holding capacity due to
    its high voids volume. This results in low pressure drops and
    long service life.

    High flow rates are achieved due to the optimized pleat pack
    density and the superior design construction of TETPOR LIQUID

    Features and Benefits
  • Superior chemical resistance of PTFE membrane combined with
        polypropylene hardware
  • Integrity tested prior to despatch
  • Validated to ASTM F838-05 methodology
  • Comprehensive range of end cap configurations for retrofitting

  • Performance Characteristics

    Materials of construction
    - Filtration Membrane :
    - Upstream Support :
    - Downstream Support :
    Filter Cartridges
    - Inner Support Core :
    - Outer Protection Cage :
    - End Caps :
    - End Caps Insert :
    316L Stainless Steel
    *Not available in B endcap variant
    - Standard o-rings/gaskets : Viton
    MURUS Disposable Filter Capsules
    - Core :
    - Sleeve :
    - End Caps Insert :
    - Standard o-rings/gaskets :
    - Capsule Body :
    - Capsules Vent Seals :
    316L Stainless Steel
    DEMICAP Filter Capsules
    - Core :
    - Sleeve :
    - End Caps :
    - Capsule Body :
    - Capsules Vent Seals :
    - Filling Bell :
    Syringe Filters
    - Body : Polypropylene
    Recommended Operating Conditions
    Filter Cartridges
    Up to 70 °C (158 °F) continuous operating temperature and higher short-term temperatures during CIP to the following limits :
    MURUS Disposable Filter Capsules
    Up to 25 °C ( 77 °F) @ 5.5 barg (79.7 psig)
    Up to 60 °C (140 °F) @ 2.8 barg (40.6 psig)

    Parker Hannifin certify that this product complies with the European Council Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/ EC Article 3, Paragraph 3 - Sound Engineering Practice (SEP).
    This product is intended for use with Group 1 & 2 Dangerous and Harmless Liquids and Group 2 Harmless Gases at the operating conditions stated in this document : In compliance with PED Article 3, Paragraph 3, SEP, this product does not bear the CE mark.
    DEMICAP Filter Capsules
    Up to 40 °C (104 °F) at line pressures up to 5.0 barg (72 psig).
    Effective Filtration Area (EFA)
    10¨ (250 mm) :
    K Size :
    A Size :
    B Size :
    E Size :
    Syringe ø50 mm :
    0.77 m2
    0.36 m2
    0.25 m2
    0.12 m2
    0.06 m2
    14.50 cm2
    (8.28 ft2)
    (3.87 ft2)
    (2.69 ft2)
    (1.29 ft2)
    (0.64 ft2)
    (2.25 in2)

    TETPOR LIQUID filter cartridges can be sanitized with hot water at up to 90 °C (194 °F) and are compatible with a wide range of chemicals.

    For detailed operational procedures and advice on cleaning and sterilization, please contact the Technical Support Group through your usual Parker domnick hunter contact.
    Food and Biological Safety
    Materials conform to the relevant requirements of 21CFR Part 177 and current USP Plastics Class VI - 121 °C and ISO10993 equivalents.
    Quality Standards
    Pharmaceutical grade products are manufactured in accordance with cGMP, 100% flushed with pharmaceutical grade purified water and integrity tested prior to despatch. A sample of each lot is tested to demonstrate conformity to validated claims.

    Performance Characteristics
    TOC / Conductivity
    The filtrate quality from a 10¨ (250 mm) TETPOR LIQUID conforms to the requirements of current USP <643> (TOC) and USP <645> (conductivity).
    Aqueous extracts from the 10¨ (250 mm) TETPOR LIQUID contain < 0.25 EU / ml when tested in accordance with the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate test.
    Non-Volatile Extractables (NVE)
    Total NVEs extracted in the first 5 litre flush of purified water for a 10¨ (250 mm) cartridge are <5 mg.
    Pharmaceutical Validation
    A full validation guide is available upon request from Laboratory Services Group (LSG).
    Oxidizable Substances
    TETPOR LIQUID filter cartridges meet current USP and EP quality standards for sterile purified water for oxidizable substances following a <1 litre water flush.
    Integrity Test Data
    All filters are integrity testable to the following limits when wet with 60 / 40 IPA / Water and using air as the test gas.

    Retention Characteristics
    TETPOR LIQUID filter cartridges are validated by bacterial challenge testing with Brevundimonas diminuta to current ASTM F838-05 methodology (107 organisms / cm2 EFA minimum) with typical in-house challenge levels being 1011 organisms per 10¨ (250 mm) filter cartridge.

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